Our collections feature true RAW and Virgin hair. That means it’s unprocessed real virgin hair and not mixed with synthetic fibers. Each raw bundle is naturally grown by a single donor. Our professional grade virgin weaving hair is hand selected. Whether raw or virgin, each bundle is picked for optimum maintenance, healthy appearance, and radiant shine. We offer affordable prices, so you can look good, and feel confident at the same time. Once you experience quality hair extensions from, you’ll dump you current hair source and keep coming back!


To establish as an industry leader that represents quality; providing top of the line untouched human hair; allowing the clients we serve to have their needs met in one convenient visit.

My Story

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love my hair. Any and everything possible you can do to hair, I have literally done to my own. I’ve cut it, then let it grow. My hair has been dyed every color imaginable. I’ve even shaved my entire head. By far, I love adding extensions to manipulate the texture and length of my hair. The flexibility to become frisky and fabulous, sleek and smooth, or curly and luscious allows me to experiment with a wide range of looks to custom fit my personality. products blend seamlessly with your natural hair texture. It looks so real admirers will think the hair growing directly from your scalp!

“Human hair extensions are not created equal.”

Finding extensions with consistent quality isn’t easy. I’ve personally tested many different human hair brands. Some gave me thick, shiny bouncy waves, however, a lot of them turned into tangled, frizzy, dry clumps. Eventually, I just got fed up with the amount of money I was wasting. It became clear to me that I needed to develop my own signature brand that would provide me with a reliable product.
I tested hair samples from all over the globe looking for hair that would give long lasting shine and volume with carefree maintenance. And it took many weeks to find the best quality hair. And here is it. Our hair is 100% Virgin Remy the gold standard when it comes to top-of-the-line hair extensions.
All raw hair is procured from single donors at temples around Southern India. From start to finish, the hair is manufactured at one facility. That means you’re getting the highest controlled quality there is! I especially work hard to keep up with latest trends in a rapid, ever-evolving weaving industry. That’s why we offer the most popular virgin hair textures and wigs with the best variety at the most reasonable prices in one convenient place. takes the frustration and failure out of purchasing top quality human hair extensions. I stand by the hair I sell. And I’m confident you’ll enjoy your investment in SheGotHair products as much as I do. - About us

Divina, CEO SheGotHair, LLC