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Most adult cancer patients who cannot afford a quality wig are forced to rely on wig banks that stock refurbished, used, or very cheap wigs meant to be a temporary solution. Such programs can be an important resource, but the patients who seek to use them are faced with an extremely limited selection, often comprised of wigs that look nothing like their pre-cancer hair, and that do not even fit properly. While there are multiple organizations whose missions’ are to grant hair prostheses to children experiencing medical hair loss, Lolly’s Locks is the only organization dedicated to providing customized wigs to adult cancer patients at no cost.

Lolly’s Locks spends an average of $1,000 per recipient. When it comes to connecting our recipients with wigs, Lolly’s Locks covers every imaginable cost, and our recipients never pay a dime.

Learn more about how Lolly Locks is committed to helping cancer patients maintain a sense of normalcy, dignity, and privacy here.


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