What is Raw Hair?

Raw  Hair (unprocessed/Remy) is the BEST and highest quality hair on the market. Raw Hair is virgin hair that has not been chemically altered and its roots and tips all run in the same direction at the time of collection. The hair is never mixed with synthetic fiber or random strings. No two bundles are the same but blend beautifully when installed for a seamless unique look.

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is human hair that is gathered from various sources. Each bundle may contain hair from several donors. Our secret to beautiful long lasting brilliance is in our chemical-free Steam Perming process. After raw hair is sewn into wefts, the hair is wrapped around metal rods and steamed to create unique wave patterns and dyed to achieve various colors.

TIP: All RAW hair is virgin, but not all virgin hair is raw!

FAQ: Why are some raw bundles lighter/darker?

True raw hair comes in various shades of natural blacks and browns.  Each bundle is procured from individual donors and is never colored. There may be slight variations in natural color/texture or wave patterns. Don’t worry, a professional stylist will know exactly how to properly blend your extensions to give you a natural look with depth and a multifaceted appearance. While you can color your bundles, it is highly recommended to leave that to a professional.

Why is Raw Indian hair so desired?

  • Feels extremely soft
  • Issues with tangling are rare
  • The hair can be dyed or bleached
  • The hair retains moisture
  • Hair can be styled with heating tools and reverts back to original state
  • Raw  hair lasts for years with proper care

How much hair is in each bundle?

Bundle is the term used when describing virgin hair because the hair is essentially bundled together. Each raw or virgin bundle weighs approximately 3.5- 4 Oz.

How much hair will I need?

Most styles under 18″ will only require 2 bundles. For a much fuller look and typically when using virgin hair many women will need 3 bundles of hair which equals approximately 12 ounces of hair. (One pack/bundle = 3.5- 4 ounces of hair) Refer to our hair length chart to select your desired style.

SheGotHair.com Faq

How long does the hair last?

ALL SheGotHair.com hair is a premium grade of human hair with full cuticle and a very strong hair shaft. With proper care, hair bundles can last more than a year. Your extensions will become healthier and stronger the better you take care of them. We suggest that you pre-wash each bundle prior to installation.

Can I color the hair?

All SheGotHair.com extensions can be colored, bleached, styled and dyed the same way you would your own natural hair. Hair should only be colored by a professional to avoid potential damage. You also have the freedom to use a variety of styling tools and techniques such as curling irons and flat irons.

Why does my raw hair ends feel rough or brittle?

The hair ends may seem coarse. Due to our minimal processing, the hair is left in its natural state. Only washed, air dried, hackled, then sewn into wefts. Once you wash and condition the hair, you’ll notice a softening of the hair ends. In some cases, a slight trim may also be necessary.