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Hottest Haircuts for 2018 Are Here

Hottest Hair Trends for 2018 Are Here

Okay, these styles will be huge in 2018. And you know we’ve got you covered at

Curtain Fringe/Bangs

In contrast to other bang styles, this trend isn’t about how you cut your fringe—it’s about how you style them. Instead of leaving bangs hanging, celebs like Jennifer Lopez are parting them near the middle, and draping them toward the sides of their face…like curtains.

It looks effortless with a laid-back edge, perfect for the It Girl that doesn’t want to look like she’s trying too hard. And, it’s taking Hollywood by storm. (E.Online)

Sci-Fi Bob

This year, there’s been a massive uptick in women embracing a sleek, short ‘do. Enter: the sci-fi bob

It has sharp ends, is angled like none other, and can be easily personalized with any fringe you like.

The style has already swept the West Coast, with the coolest locals embracing this powerful statement — and it’s poised to become the next big thing in global hair trends. Plus, some even say it’s a nod to feminism.

Not that this is at all shocking: The current political climate has women looking for empowerment — even with their hair. That same fearless spirit has been reflected in the media, too. Hollywood isn’t synonymous with just long, feminine waves anymore. (Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, and Bella Hadid have all proven that.) But it’s not just a stateside thing: Instagram iterations of the cut are popping up all over the globe — because girls really do run the world. (


Mid Lenght Cut

When your hair is too long for a bob and past that bra strap you’re living in the mid-length zone. It’s actually an extremely versatile length. You can play with textures and colors at this length. So have fun!


Natural Textures

Huge for 2018. Embracing big natural hair.

The pros predict that 2018 will bring even more inspiration for natural and curly folks of all lengths and textures — a little something for everyone. “You’ll see many more textured hairstyles being embraced everywhere,” Vernon François, celebrity stylist and creator of the Vernon François Collection, tells Refinery29. “Curly, kinky, coily, and wavy hair will fully embrace their ‘inner-frizz’.”
Celebrity stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, who works with Kerry Washington, agrees. “Natural hair will be a part of all aspects of life,” she says. “And I especially want to see it in the corporate industry, which used to close the door to natural hair. Today’s modern woman is fashion-forward — and her hair should reflect that.” (

Silver Is The New Gray

It’s probably the most unexpected color trend. But it’s here. The shades that are set to define 2018 are the metallic – both silver and gold – according to Jack Howard, a senior stylist at Knightsbridge salon Paul Edmonds. He told Refinery29: “We’re beginning to see a huge increase in guests asking for metallic-inspired color in the salon. “I think that this is partly due to the transition of the trend from glossy finishes to metallic on the catwalk.”We’ve also seen the metallic element continued into makeup looks.”